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Trend Micro develops Internet content security and threat management solutions that make the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. With more than 25 years of experience, we’re recognized as the market leader in server security, virtual security, and small business content security. Trend Micro enables the smart protection of information, with innovative security technology that is simple to deploy and manage, and fits an evolving ecosystem. Our solutions are powered by the cloud-based global threat intelligence of the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, and are supported by over 1,200 threat experts around the globe.

Trend Micro Anti-Spyware Enterprise Download Brochure

Enterprise-class protection. Enterprise-class management.

Trend Micro Anti-Spyware Enterprise Edition is a standalone anti-spyware solution that protects client/server environments with superior spyware and rootkit detection and cleanup supported by true enterprise-class management. It is compatible with major enterprise desktop security products.

Enterprise-Class Protection from Spyware and Rootkits

The Edition accurately detects spyware and rootkits and cleans them from systems. It uses an industry-leading, highly efficient spyware database, a heuristic rule set, and a specialized rootkit detection module to scan clients quickly, with a small footprint. It stops spyware and rootkits from installing by actively monitoring file downloads. It is the only anti-spyware solution with Trend Micro CWShredder to eradicate the stealthy and difficult-to-remove CoolWebSearch browser hijackers.

Enterprise-Class Management from a Single Server

Trend Micro Anti-Spyware Enterprise Edition is built on robust client/server architecture with centralized management to ease administration and deployment. All machines can be managed from one enterprise server using the intuitive, Web-based console of Trend Micro Control Manager.

Enterprise-Wide Centralized Management and Deployment

Trend Micro Control Manager enables hierarchical management of multiple enterprise servers from one central server console. Web-based console allows management from any point on the network. Scalability: up to 60, 000 users per Anti-Spyware Enterprise Edition server and up to 1000 servers per Control Manager network. Automatic Discovery of client machines for easy deployment. Transparent push of agents to desktops – no end user intervention. Deployment via domain mode and Microsoft Installer (MSI).

Client Administration through Web-based, Enterprise Server Console

  • Flexibility: set up one policy for all clients or tailor policies per group, domain, etc.

  • Multiple scheduling, updating, scanning, cleaning, and monitoring options per policy

  • Spyware white lists can be created per policy.

  • Encrypted communications are sent between console and desktops via HTTPS.

  • Enhanced log event guidance helps resolve issues quickly.

  • Client Scanning, Cleanup, and Automatic Updates

  • Active Monitoring detects spyware in real time to prevent it from installing.

  • Efficient signature database and advanced heuristic rule set result in highly accurate detection with fast scanning and small client footprint.

  • Trend Micro CWShredder eliminates the CoolWebSearch program and its variants.

  • Patent-pending Trickle Scan technology throttles back scanning when a client is in use.

  • Scans and cleans on demand and/or as scheduled. Maintains communications integrity to keep clients online.

  • Rootkit Common Module bypasses potentially compromised Windows API to detect hidden files, processes, and registry entries.

  • Easily restores programs, system settings, and browser settings previously cleaned. Regular definition updates on clients are invisible to end users.

  • Efficient, low bandwidth XML network communications between server and clients

  • Flexible Reporting

  • Reporting consolidated for all servers or at the enterprise server level.

  • Executive-level graphical summaries and detailed reports assist in client monitoring and understanding the prevalence of spyware threats.

  • Data exports from TMCM via PDF, RTF, and CSV.

  • An event log provides a record of all desktop activities including a history of all scans, cleanings, restores, and other system events .

  • Key Benefits

  • Thoroughly cleans spyware from infected systems and prevents new spyware from installing.

  • The only anti-spyware that includes CWShredder.

  • The Rootkit Common Module detects even hidden rootkits.

  • Centralized management of all clients and servers from one intuitive Web-based console .

  • Installs quickly and easily with automatic updates.

  • Standalone anti-spyware is compatible with any enterprise antivirus product.

  • A global network of five regional security research and support centers.
  • Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall 6 Download Brochure

    All-in-one software security solution that blocks viruses, spyware, spam and other threats at the Internet gateway
    InterScan VirusWall is the most comprehensive Internet gateway software security solution available. Backed by the innovator and leader in gateway antivirus, Trend Micro, this solution saves time and money by reducing support calls and increasing the productivity of employees and preserving the availability of network resources. InterScan VirusWall blocks viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, botnets, and inappropriate content. It also provides URL filtering at the internet gateway, before threats can impact the network. InterScan VirusWall also prevent outbreaks early – even before detection signatures are available – with included Trend Micro Outbreak Prevention Services. It is an effective solution for scanning both incoming and outgoing email.

    Key Benefit's :

  • Integrated gateway security blocks multiple threats including: viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, botnets, and inappropriate content.

  • One Web-based console for set-and-forget management.

  • Reduces spam and provides flexible policies for Web use.

  • Prevents spread of malware before threat signatures are available.

  • All-in-one Gateway Security

  • Helps prevent viruses, spyware, spam, phishing and botnet attacks from entering the network through vulnerable Internet gateway access points.

  • Reduces unwanted e-mail using a combination of signatures and heuristics to provide higher detection rates and fewer false positives.

  • NEW: Multi-level spyware, grayware, and phishing protection blocks harmful Web and email downloads, preserves privacy, and prevents company or personal confidential information from being stolen or inadvertently revealed.

  • NEW: Anti-bot capability defends PCs from being used as zombies to spread malware.

  • Scans unprotected protocols – including SMTP, HTTP, FTP and POP3 – that are exploited by attackers to carry malicious payloads.

  • Easy to Manage and Deploy

  • Multi-threat protection is easy to deploy and manage from a single Web-based remote console.

  • Complements existing firewall and |VPN solutions by providing an essential layer of front-line gateway defense.

  • Effective, Early Protection

  • Protects without intervention resulting in reliable, timely responses, and fewer infections.

  • Stops viruses earlier – before specific detection signatures are available:
  • - IntelliTrap advances heuristic detection capabilities by blocking malicious code.
    -NEW: Outbreak Prevention Services defends networks with rapid, automated responses when new outbreaks occur.

    Trend Micro NeatSuite Advanced Download Brochure

    NeatSuite Advanced is a fully integrated, centrally managed security suite that delivers up-to-the-minute protection while reducing management complexity. It protects Internet gateway, mail servers, file servers, storage systems, desktops and laptops from web threats, and other malware. NeatSuite Advanced scales to meet every organization’s needs by offering extensive configuration options, maximum administrative efficiency, and support for the broadest range of operating systems among leading content security vendors.

    Key Benefit's :

  • Reduces risk with comprehensive multi-layered, multi-threat protection.

  • Delivers immediate protection with in-the-cloud threat intelligence.

  • Provides unparalleled protection against web-borne threats by blocking access to malicious sites.

  • Offers enterprise-class scalability and configurability.

  • Lowers IT costs with maximum administrative efficiency.

  • Key Features :

    Fully Integrated, Gateway-to-Endpoint Enterprise Security Suite

  • Includes automated malware and spyware cleanup of clients, including rootkits.

  • Improves productivity by stopping spam and fraudulent phishing-related emails.

  • Supports regulatory compliance and corporate governance with content filtering of email and attachments.

  • Reduces risks and costs by dramatically reducing the time to acquire, deploy, and manage content security.

  • Designed for the Enterprise Network Environment

  • Provides broad operating system support for heterogeneous enterprise environments.

  • Tightly integrated with leading solutions for network infrastructure and enterprise applications, including those from Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM Lotus.

  • Supports large multi-site networks with enterprise-class scalability, configurability, and multi-tier management structure .

  • Industry-leading Protection via Smart Protection Network

  • Leverages unique in-the-cloud web, email, and file threat intelligence.

  • New! File Reputation reduces reliance on conventional pattern files for protection from the latest threats.

  • Correlates threat intelligence across threat vectors so that if one element receives a bad reputation, all components of the attack are blocked.

  • Blocks the latest threats before they reach the network, preventing them from impacting and damaging business.

  • Web-based Centralized Management Console

  • Manages security infrastructure with centralized administration for security updates, patch deployment, coordinated response, and remote management.

  • Provides robust, enterprise-wide graphical reporting.

  • Delivers enterprise-wide monitoring and visibility into security status.
  • Trend Micro NeatSuite Standard Download Brochure

    All-In-One, Integrated Protection for Medium Business
    NeatSuite Standard is a fully integrated, centrally managed enterprise security suite designed to protect Internet gateway, mail servers, file servers, and desktops from Web threats and other malware. It scales to meet the needs of mid-sized businesses with limited IT resources by providing an integrated, all-in-one security solution that is easy to manage and deploy. Unlike competing enterprise suites, NeatSuite Standard offers a unique combination of centralized management from a single console, support for Windows® and Linux® operating systems, unified graphical installation, and Web threat protection that is unmatched in the industry.

    Key Benefit's :

  • Reduces risk with comprehensive multi-layered, multi-threat protection from known and unknown threats.

  • Frees IT resources with simple deployment, automatic updates, and central management.

  • Provides unparalleled protection from Web-borne threats to prevent resource and data theft and block access to malicious sites.

  • Maximizes administrative efficiency through tight integration with Microsoft, Linux, and Cisco environments.

  • Enhances end-user productivity and network performance with URL filtering and anti-spam at the gateway.

  • Key Feature's :

    Highly Automated Central Management and Deployment

  • Simplifies administration and deployment with Web-based central management console and graphical installation interface.

  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility, monitoring, configuration, and reporting.

  • Automatically cleans clients of malware, spyware, and bots, including hidden processes and registry entries.

  • New: Industry Leading, In-the-Cloud Web Reputation

  • Protects against Web-borne malware, data theft, lost productivity, and reputation damage

  • Blocks access to malicious Web sites based on reputation ratings .

  • Leverages Trend Micro’s unique in-the-cloud Web reputation database with millions of dynamically rated sites.

  • Provides real-time protection based on malware spam and spy ware activity .

  • Secure Content Management Integrated at Multiple Layers

  • Delivers multi-threat, multi-layered protection at Internet gateway, Micosoft® Exchange® and Lotus® Domino® mail server, network server, and client .

  • Improves productivity by dramatically reducing spam volume (#1 at catching spam*) with anti-spam protection in-the-cloud and at the gateway .

  • Reduces risk of liability by supporting regulatory compliance and blocking inappropriate content with advanced email and URL filtering.

  • Improves protection against spyware and grayware with powerful new technologies.

  • Detects and removes active and hidden rootkits with new, innovative technology.
  • Trend Micro OfficeScan Client/Server Edition 8.0 Download Brochure

    Comprehensive Security for Clients and Network Servers
    OfficeScan™ 8.0 delivers comprehensive client/server security with new, dedicated Web threat protection - and industry first. Innovative Web Reputation protects clients – on and off the network – blocking access to malicious sites and stopping the transmission of stolen data over the Web. OfficeScan also features improved virus and spyware protection, virus and spyware protection, new variant detection, anti-rootkit security, malware, and remnant removal, plus firewall security. New plug-in architecture and Windows® Vista® certification ensure better security, seamless compatibility, and ease-of-management.

    Features :

  • Protects against Web-based malware, data theft, lost productivity, and reputation damage.

  • Block access to malicious Web sites on reputation ratings.

  • Rates Web domains based on malware, spam, and spyware activity.

  • Provides real-time protection by referencing Trend Micro’s database with millions of rated Web domains.

  • Delivers powerful protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, and new variants as they emerge.

  • Improves spyware and grayware protection with a powerful scan engine.

  • Detects and removes active and hidden rootkits with new, innovative technology.

  • Streamlines administration by leveraging Windows Vista Security Center and other Vista features.

  • Integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft® infrastructure, supporting Windows 2000 and above.

  • Automatically cleans endpoints of malware, including processes and registry entries that are hidden or locked.

  • Deploys a smaller pattern file format enabling faster, more efficient updates.

  • Supports native 64- and 32- bit processing for optimized performance.

  • Enables centralized management with a single, Web-based console.

  • Supports plug-in modules designed to add new security features without having to redeploy the entire solution.

  • Reduces effort and time needed to deploy new security capabilities to clients and servers across the network.

  • Breaks the infection chain, stopping transmission to/from malicious sites.

  • Prevents infection, identity theft, data loss, network downtime, lost productivity, and compliance violations.

  • Integrates with other Trend Micro products as part of the Enterprise Protection Strategy – to stop threats at multiple layers.

  • Reduces IT management workload through tight integration with Windows operating systems.

  • Allows plug-ins that add new security capabilities, removing the need to redeploy a full solution.

  • Benefits :

  • New! Web Reputation

  • Superior Malware Protection

  • Ease-of-Management

  • Windows Vista Certified

  • OfficeScan Plug-Ins

  • Web Threat Protection

  • Reduces Business Risks

  • Comprehensive Security

  • Lower IT Costs

  • Extensible Architecture
  • Trend Micro ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange Download Brochure

    High Performance Mail Server Security with Minimal IT Impact.
    ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange delivers more effective, high-performance mail server security -1 in the mail server AV market for 5 consecutive years. In addition to blocking viruses, spam, phishing, and unwanted content, the new version includes advanced protection against spyware and zero-day threats. ScanMail is optimized for the Exchange environment – whether it is Exchange Server 2000, 2003, or the new 2007. Improved scan efficiency and tighter integration reduce IT impact, infrastructure and management costs – for a strong return on investment.

    Features :

  • Stops viruses, Trojans, and worms hidden in email attachments.

  • Detects known, unknown zero-day threats using IntelliTrap technology.

  • Applies the latest threat intelligence as email moves through the network and resides in the mail store – for up –to-the-minute protection.

  • Delivers dedicated signature- and heuristic-based spyware detection.

  • Stops email-borne spyware at the mail server.

  • Prevents data loss, identity theft, and related compliance violations.

  • Performs multi-threaded real-time, scheduled, and manual scanning.

  • Leverages new features of Exchange 2007, including Microsoft AV Stamp to avoid redundant message inspection for greater efficiency.

  • Supports native x64- and x32- bit processing for higher performance.

  • Enables centralized management with a single, Web-based console.

  • Simplifies group configurations. Policy definition, and deployment.

  • Integrates with Microsoft™ Operations Manager (MOM), Outlook™ Junk Email folder, Exchange clusters, and more.

  • Stops spam and fraudulent phishing-related emails – at high catch rates.

  • Offers the ability to override Microsoft Spam Confidence Level.

  • Enables advanced content filtering based on Booloean and regular expressions, keywords, file size, true file type, etc.

  • Functions :

  • Award-Winning Antivirus Security

  • New! Spyware Protection

  • Optimized for Exchange

  • Ease-of-Management

  • Advanced Anti-Spam and Content Filtering

  • Key Benefits :

  • Prevents infection, data loss, compliance violations, lost productivity, and network downtime.

  • Minimizes IT impact and improves mail server stability.

  • Reduces IT management costs through tight Microsoft integration.

  • Provides deep threat expertise – for superior protection and peace of mind.
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