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e-HRIS is Mannasoft’s comprehensive, cost-effective and customizable HR solution. It is an integrated suite of application designed to enhance the HR process of managing personnel recruitment and staffing, employee information, time and attendance, payroll processing and performance appraisal.

The modules can be purchased individually or as a complete suite. Together, they deliver a complete solution to automate your human resource system

Reduce Hiring Costs and Shorten Your Recruitment Cycle
e-Hire automates the recruiting and staffing process in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Designed to enhance your recruitment process and streamline workflow, e-Hire frees your busy Recruitment Officers from the mundane and time-consuming administrative tasks; improves the quality of your recruitment data


  • Manage the entire recruitment process from posting vacancies, handling applicants, conducting candidate profiling and tracking progress
  • Easily create new personnel requisitions, automatically route them to approvers for review, and post it to the Web
  • Applicants can easily view open positions, submit resumes, answer screening questions, and fill out applications online
  • Offers a full management information reporting
  • Easily export data into your HR system once an applicant is hired. Record of successful applicants can automatically be forwarded to 201 files

Manage and Organize Vital Employee Information
e-Personnel centralizes vital employee data, including personal profile, compensation, benefits, contract histories, skills, competencies, and training which results in improved data accuracy, better management control and reduced administrative costs.


  • Centralized data pool that keeps track of employee information for management review
  • Detailed employee profile: contact information, family background, employment history, salary history, academic history, skills, competencies and training
  • Provides employee movement history – promotion, inter-department transfer and salary review
  • Support unlimited number of employee records

Automates Time and Attendance Collection and Approval Process
e-timekeeping makes it easier to reduce payroll errors and improve time and attendance tracking. It automates the process of approving overtimes, leaves and absences


  • Comprehensive Timekeeping and Leaves Administration system
  • Pre-define standard level type, such as annual leave, sick leave, vacation leave, maternity leave, etc.
  • Allows Flexible Time, Shift and Grace Period settings
  • Generates system and user-defined reports, such as Daily Transaction Register, Leave/ Overtime/Unaccounted Summary, and Approvals Summary
  • Fully integrated with most major brands of biometrics hardware

Powerful, Flexible and Intuitive Payroll Processing
e-Payroll makes payroll processing easy and accurate. It automates the payroll processes and you spend less time on data entry, corrections, and other administrative tasks. e-Payroll offers you more control and at the same time provides the flexibility in managing payroll-related functions


  • Complete Payroll system designed specifically for Philippine corporate use
  • Provides accuracy and flexibility to all aspects of the payroll process
  • Contains user-defined formulae such as overtime payment, VL/SL calculation and government-defined deductions
  • Supports multiple payroll cycle, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, and piece rate.
  • Generates system and user-defined reports, such as Payroll Resigter, Payslip, Loans Summary, SSS/Philhealth Contributions and Cash Advances Summary

Minimize the Effort and Cost of Performance Appraisal
e-Perform lets you manage and administer your employee’s performance appraisal with less stress, less time and less paper works. e-Perform provide an efficient way to capture critical information about employee performance and accomplishments, which ultimately lead to a more productive, happy, and competitive workforce.


  • Provides employees (management and subordinates) with a direct way of setting performance objectives and conducting employee appraisals.
  • Simplifies the employee performance appraisal process across the organization through data consolidation and secured access
  • Enhances content, consistency, and timeliness of employee performance reviews
  • Increases the on-going participation of employees and managers in the process through superior peer, subordinate, and customer feedback.