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eCommunic8 is a mobile SMS gateway software application that helps enterprise systems or applications instantly provide mobility and wireless transaction capability. Using eCommunic8 enables better customer service, more empowered employees, and higher productivity for all stake holders – all via mobile transactions, as systems, processes, and people performances increases dramatically.

eCommunic8 equips small business size to large or enterprise size business from simple sending news update to a structured parameterized way of sending, accepting and validating a message; from simple monitoring inventory and sales data to receiving database information in email format.

As it is about connecting systems, people, and ideas via SMS, eComm8 provides a dynamic and proactive exchange of information between managers, systems, and its mobile users.

Powerful Text Blast Features

  • Send text messages to groups or selected contacts
  • Receive reply messages in your inbox
  • Message Queuing
  • Centralized Phonebook
  • Import/Export Contacts
  • Blacklist (Blacklisted Number/s)
  • System Auto Response
  • Web access (Browser Based)
  • Security Level (Admin/User)
  • Contact Groups Creation
  • Message Templates
  • Send Attempt (Resend attempt failed message)
  • SMS Settings (Auto Network settings retrieval)
  • Recipient Number Validation
  • Reports: Contact List, Receive Messages, Processed Message, Inbox Report

eMail2SMS/SMS2eMail Routing

  • Route eMail messages/alerts to Mobile Devices
  • Send eMail from ordinary mobile phones
  • Provide eMail access and security

Campaign Management

  • Bulk/Batch Send
  • Upload Broadcast List from Microsoft Excel
  • Campaign Statistics/Reports (Outbox/Sent/Unsent)

Enterprise Systems/Database Integration

  • SMS Based Mobile Client for Enterprise Systems (ERP/CRM/HR/etc.)
  • Push/pull Information from Enterprise Systems Database
  • Information Access Security

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

  • Check loan status
  • Savings/Checking alerts
  • Payment notifications
  • Account Inquiries

Corporate Office (HRD)

  • Schedule interviews, exams
  • Company announcements, reminders
  • Greetings

Marketing Campaigns

  • Production promotions via text
  • Customer follow-ups
  • Customer info update

Schools and Universities

  • Announcements (enrolments, suspension of classes)
  • Reminders (events, payments)
  • Student monitoring


  • Travel advisories
  • News advisories


  • Shipment and delivery notice
  • Proof of delivery
  • Delivery tracking