Easysafe is the ideal solution to protect the confidential files in your computer and/or any external storage medium. You can store your important documents, pictures, photographs without the fear of others viewing or knowing it, not even when you loose your computer or your external storage mediums such as thumb drive.

easySafe protects all your sensitive information by combining the most popular hardware authentication and software encryption techniques in one single USB interface token. Unlike Password Login or Fingerprint PC lock, easySafe does not lock your entire PC but secures only your selected data. This keeps your confidential data safe even when others use your PC.

easySafe is easy to use because all security operations are automatic and transparent to the users. All user processes are standard Windows operations; just “Move”, “Copy”, “Cut” and “Paste” the data you want to protect. All PC users should be able to use it without any training.

  • Maximum number of easyDrive: 8 per PC
  • Maximum memory of easyDrive: unlimited
  • No. of PC per easyKey: unlimited
  • No. of set of easyKey on 1 PC: unlimited
  • Configure open (Decrypt) mode: Yes
  • Change easyDrive letter: Yes
  • Number of easyKey per pack: 2
  • No. of HDD protected: unlimited
  • No. of USB FlashDrive protected: unlimited
  • No. of Memory Card protected: unlimited
  • No. of CD/DVD protected: unlimited

Benefits :

  • Protection against unauthorized access to computer
  • Protects valuable and sensitive data on hard disk by generating an encrypted virtual disk drive
  • No/minimal training effort required for users
  • High level of user acceptance
  • Fast and simple installation via Windows installer
  • Easy to use as the same way the users always done in Windows applications

System Requirements :

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000 and 2003.

  • CPU Requirements: Minimum Intel/AMD Processors with 400MHz and above.

  • Memory (RAM): Minimum 128MB.

  • Required Disk Space: Minimum 10MB.