Keypad Lock-SK5

SCG-SK5 Keypad Lock Download Brochure

With its simple operation, easy installation and unadorned refinement, the SK5 is our best selling product on the market. The SK5 is a robust security system that brings you convenience and ease of living.

  • US Patent
  • Passage Mode Function
  • Exclusive Single-Entry Code Function
  • Stand-Alone and Wireless ( Easy and Effortless Installation)

1.Passage Mode
Leave doors unlocked for more convenient use.

2. Low Battery Alert
Upon operation, beeps will signal when the battery is running low.

3. Code Memory Function

Codes are memorized and do not need to be re-input after battery replacement.

4. Worldwide recognition
SCG products have been proved through the certifications of ISO 9002, CE, RoHS, SCG, Fire Protection and more.

5. Emergency Override Key
In case of emergency, firefighters or security professionals can use the additional manual keys to unlock the doors. Each lock is equipped with 3 keys.

6. 2-Way Unlocking System
Codes and mechanical key

7. Intelligent Auto-Locking Function
The door will lock automatically 1.5 seconds after it has been opened.

8. Exclusive Single-Entry Code Function
Temporary code to be used once only (will expire after use), providing a safe a convenient passage for guests and relatives.

9. Over One Million Sets of Code Possibilities
Code is composed of 4 to 8 digits, providing enhanced security.

10. Stand-alone and Wireless (easy, and effortless installation)
Independently operated lock. There is no need to connect to computer. Requires only 4 AA batteries and is protected against power failure.

11. Metallic exterior that gives a more delicate appearance and stronger security