Cisco Energywise Management for Distributed Offices

Manage your energy and save up to 35 percent

See, measure, and manage your IT energy use with Cisco EnergyWise Management for Distributed Offices.

You can save up to 35 percent of your IT energy costs and reduce switch port costs by up to US$50 per port, per year. Through a single dashboard, you will see wasted and saved energy for every device connected to your network.

Features and Capabilities

  • Understand energy consumption and waste of every device connected to your network
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Lessen the effect of new devices being added to your network as well as rising energy costs
  • Identify energy-inefficient devices and systems for refresh
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and report on sustainability initiatives

No Hardware Meters or Client-based Software Needed

  • Centralized remote energy management, with network-based control of devices throughout the distributed office
  • Quick time to benefit, with installation and device auto-discovery in hours, not days or months
  • Simplified maintenance that reduces the complexity of traditional, client-side, software-based, energy management solutions
  • Avoids productive time lost doing installation and management of client-based software on each device
  • Real-time energy measurement that measures energy consumption and use of any device attached to the network

Power-Manage Distributed Office Equipment

  • Automate policies to actively change the power states of office equipment based on their productivity
  • Optimize energy use for all network-connected devices, from any vendor, including switched and routers, desktops and laptops, monitors, wireless access points, IP phones, printers, copiers and more
  • Provide opt-in and opt-out policies for end users

Support Sustainable Procurement Practices

  • Determine total cost of ownership (TCO), with analytics for power consumption, energy cost, and environmental impact
  • Use comparative analysis to understand energy costs of new IT purchases, and compare equipment to make better decisions
  • Power consumption savings potential helps you identify savings potential based on actual energy demand

Comply with Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

  • Produce centralized sustainability reports and gain insight into energy use and carbon emissions by device
  • Support regulatory compliance with carbon accounting requirements and energy use reporting