Charge it Mobile Charger Download Brochure

Charge-It is a portable charger that uses Lithium Polymer technology to work as a portable charger for people who are always on the go. This tool will come in handy especially when you do not have charger, or when you have charger, but there are no power plugs nearby. Thus, with Charge-It Mobile charger, you can continue charging your phone anytime anywhere.

Mobile Charger x 1pc

USB cable x 1pc:

  • for charging & discharging.
Connectors x 6pcs:
  • Nokia (2pcs)
  • Sony-Ericsson (2pcs)
  • Samsung (1pc)
  • Motorola / mini-USB (1pc)

AC Adaptor x 1pc

  • Charge a wide range of mobile phones from NOKIA, MOTOROLA, SAMSUNG, LG, SONY ERICSSON & SIEMENS
  • Can be used to charge multiple devices that work on 5.8V
  • Can be charged from a USB port, full charged in about 4 hrs.
  • Rechargeable for more than 400 times
  • Uses Sony Lithium Polymer which is branded, light weight, better product life and safer
  • Protection circuit prevents over-voltage, under-voltage and short circuits, thus preventing damage to both Charge-It Mobile Charger and device being charged
  • Rubberized coating for handling and protection

Per charge, how many times can Charge It charge portable devices?

It is product dependence:

  • Bigger device battery capacity, Charge- It would be able to charge lesser time (1 to 1.5times).
  • Smaller device battery capacity, Charge It would be able to charge more time (about 2times).
  • For 4,200mAh model, charging time increase accordingly.

How many time can Charge It be recharged?

  • 500 cycles / times.

How long it takes to charge Charge It?

  • 4~5hours.

How about warranty?

  • 3+1 months for distributors.
  • 3 months to end-users.
  • Monitor via warranty sticker on Charge It

What are the devices can Charge It charge?

  • Devices with Voltage <5.4V, battery capacity <2.1Ah.
  • Compatible male connector for supplied USB charging cable or connector to USB.
  • Handphones: those models with supplied connectors or compatible.
  • PDA: with mini USB.