Infiniscan S30 RFID Access Control

Infiniscan S30 RFID Access Control Download Brochure

Experience the simplicity of RFID technology in door access with INFINISCAN™ S30 series Door Access Control system. INFINISCAN™ S30 series is pickproof as it has no keyholes. Together with the built-in alarm system, INFINISCAN™ S30 series will automatically activate if door is forcefully entered or with illegal dismantling of the reader.

INFINISCAN™ S30 series allows a maximum data storage up to 30,000 individuals, each individual’s data are stored in the each card where access will not be acquired without presentation of the card.

TCP/IP Method

INFINISCAN™ S30 series installed with TCP/IP as a communicator between reader and computer that supports real-time data transfer for easy and efficient data management.

High performance CPU

32Intel CPU for fast and sufficient process.

Multi languages

INFINISCAN™ S30 series offers standard display language in English or any multi-national languages upon request.

Linux O/S

Embedded with advanced Linux Operation System which can operate consecutively for 24 hours with reliable and stable performance

High speed USB data transfer

USB Host/Client for easy and sufficient data exchange between reader and reader/computer without complicated use of software and procedures. Works effectively as a standalone unit, performs excellently for data transfer in case of connection breakdown.

Wiegand In & Out

INFINISCAN™ S30 series equipped with Wiegand Input/Output communication to incorporate with any third party readers or door access controllers for better Access Control management.