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McAfee, Inc. doing business as Intel Security is an American global computer security software company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and the world's largest dedicated security technology company.As of February 28, 2011, McAfee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel.In early 2014, Intel announced it would rebrand McAfee as Intel Security in 2014.

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McAfee Enterprise Security Suite Solutions offer virus protection at the desktop, server, and Internet gateway network levels, plus dedicated anti-spam for mail servers and desktop firewall protection. Whether security needs are isolated to the desktops and file servers, or need additional coverage that adds e-mail protection, McAfee has the easy-to-manage security solution suite to meet corporation’s protection requirements.
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) is the industry-leading system security management solution, delivering a coordinated, proactive defense against malicious threats and attacks for the enterprise. ePO is designed with enterprise scalability in mind and delivers integrated alerting and notification on compliance, threat activity, and rogue systems.
McAfee VirusScan® Enterprise provides comprehensive and proactive malware protection for the organization’s desktops, laptops, and servers. Powerful, flexible, and bandwidth friendly, VirusScan Enterprise delivers proactive protection the way it’s needed in today’s fast-moving, highly adaptive businesses. It takes anti-virus protection to the next level, integrating elements of intrusion prevention and firewall technology into a single solution for PCs and file servers (desktops and laptops) and servers.

  • McAfee NetShield® for Netware protects Netware file servers through real-time scanning to detect and clean viruses and other threats. By caching file status when an initial scan is performed, McAfee NetShield for Netware ensures that clean files are not rescanned unless and until they are modified, significantly improving performance and efficiency.

  • McAfee GroupShield® for Mail Servers specifically protect the layer of the network wherein viruses enter through Internet gateway and collaborative environments such as mail servers, with anti-virus and content filtering support for Lotus Domino and Microsoft ® Exchange servers. GroupShield provides full policy and remote manageability and is well suited for even the largest and most distributed enterprise environments.

  • McAfee WebShield® SMTP keeps viruses out of the network, stopping them before the threats enter at the Internet gateway. WebShield SMTP, with integrated content filtering of messages to prevent offensive or inappropriate content from reaching the users, keeps both inbound and outbound SMTP traffic clean and virus-free. WebShield SMTP is also able to filter e-mail for inappropriate content by scanning the subject line and message body, as well as any attached file’s name, type, or size. With the use of McAfee’s Outbreak Manager technology, WebShield SMTP can identify and stop outbreaks even when the virus instigating is new and unknown.

  • McAfee PortalShield™ for Microsoft SharePoint Servers provide content security for all organization’s documents, files, Web content, and document stores. It also allows users to securely access, find, and share information needed to be productive in business. PortalShield detects, cleans - removes viruses, and searches for banned content within documents that are stored in SharePoint workspaces, a capability not available with traditional anti-virus or content security solutions.

  • McAfee SpamKiller® for Mail Servers helps filter and detect spam at the e-mail server, increasing business productivity, minimizing the risk of legal liability that is associated with inappropriate material as well as halting potential security threats contained within spam e-mail. It also provides unparalleled protection, giving the company up to 95 percent spam detection rate right out of the box.

  • McAfee Desktop Firewall™ provides proactive defense and control of PCs in both small, medium-size business, and large enterprise environments. Desktop Firewall prevents blended threats from spreading and protects the organization’s wireless, remote, and broadband users from attacks. Business can prevent unsecured PCs from connecting to the network with Desktop Firewall, until systems are updated. It enforces a common operating environment (COE) without the need to remove administrator rights by controlling or preventing any unauthorized software applications (programs) from being installed on the PC.

McAfee Comprehensive Virus Protection Solutions :

Active Mail Protection
  • McAfee Active Mail Protection provides a multi-layered defense against mail-borne threats, with Secure Content Management – anti-virus protection, spam blocking, phish filtering, and content filtering – functionality wrapped into an integrated suite solution for e-mail servers.

Active VirusScan
  • McAfee Active VirusScan provides anti-virus protection for the company’s desktops and servers with VirusScan Enterprise and NetShield for NetWare, as well as the centralized policy management and reporting facilities of ePO. It delivers client-level On-Access scanning of e-mail, FTP access, and Web connections, resulting in comprehensive anti-virus coverage in a single, integrated solution.

Active Virus Defense
  • McAfee Active Virus Defense is a suite of tightly integrated McAfee security solutions designed to keep business free from new threats, viruses, and malicious code. Active Virus Defense serves as the dedicated anti-virus department by defending all tiers of the network with VirusScan Enterprise, WebShield SMTP, GroupShield for Mail Servers, and NetShield for Netware, as well as the security policy management with ePO. Active Virus Defense – the most comprehensive business virus security solution – prevents outbreaks, promotes productivity, and protects anti-virus budget.

Active Threat Protection
  • McAfee Active Threat Protection provides the most comprehensive suite of security solutions available, offering protection at the desktop, file server, e-mail server, and Internet gateway network levels, plus dedicated anti-spam and desktop firewall protection. Seamlessly integrated and managed by ePO, this multi-tiered solution protects organization against a vast array of threats that capitalize on multiple entry points, platforms, and methods of propagation.

  • McAfee Active Threat Protection combines the best-of-breed of security solutions to take the guesswork and worry out of keeping the systems and users updated, properly configured, and managed.

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McAfee® e Policy Orchestrator (ePO™) is the industry-leading system security management solution – delivering a coordinated, proactive defense against malicious threats and attacks for the enterprise. As the central hub of McAfee system security solutions, administrators can keep protection up-to-date, configure and enforce protection policies, proactively mitigate the risk of rogue non-compliant systems, and monitor security status, 24/7, from one centralized, enterprise-scalable console.

  • ePO enforce protection compliance and updates. It is central to effectively managing the process for system protection and updates – can be scheduled at determined intervals by administrators and can be set per system or group or other method designated by the administrator.

  • ePO as a comprehensive system security management will help integrate with the network and security infrastructure, and reduce capital and operational costs with one centralized approach to managing system security.

  • ePO takes a unique approach to mitigating the risk of rogue, non-compliant systems. Using distributed sensors, ePO passively monitors the network for any LAN-based connections, quickly establishing whether they are currently managed by ePO and providing a range of policy-based responses to rogue systems that are not managed by ePO.

  • ePO simply and straightforwardly assess Microsoft patch compliance by taking proactive measures in reducing system vulnerabilities and measuring the effectiveness of patch deployments. The System Compliance Profiler (SCP) is an integral component of ePO, enabling security professionals to quickly assess enterprise –wide system compliance, including the presence of vital Microsoft security patches.

  • ePO with its global server policy management and scalability, is designed with enterprise scalability in mind, managing up to 250,000 users per server and easily operated from anywhere using a remote console, saving the company the costs of additional hardware and management.

  • ePO protect mobile users by enforcing security policy with mobile or remote users even when the laptop is not connected to the network. It also makes updates happen whenever a connection to the Internet is sensed. ePO automatically provides mobile and remote users with updates from the nearest, most bandwidth-efficient repository and allows postponable and resumable updating. ePO ensures that remote and mobile users are as well protected and easily managed as those users connecting directly via LAN.

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McAfee Total Protection is a comprehensive security that stops complex threats and mitigates risk. It includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, desktop firewall, host intrusion prevention, and network access control – all integrated and managed with a single console.

Key Features :

  • One management console, one set of security updates, and one point of contact for technical support.

  • Comprehensive integrated protection against complex threats – both known and unknown – to block attacks and prevent disruptions.

  • Flexible and scalable, with a foundation for the future based on a unified agent strategy.

  • A single console enables deployment, management, and reporting across desktops, laptops, servers, and remote systems.

  • Comprehensive protection guards against bots, viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, keystroke loggers, and targeted hacker attacks. Signature- and behavioral- based host intrusion protection secures desktops against zero-day and known threats.

  • Extensible architecture protects and leverages your investment in existing infrastructure.

  • Advanced e-mail protection stops spam and viruses.

  • Network access control enforces corporate security policy on systems, and guards corporate assets against non-compliant systems (Advanced version only) . Ensure automatic protection and security updates for every user.

  • Get comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, spam, and phishing – plus desktop firewall technology – in one integrated solution.

  • Use centralized management to view the big picture of overall security status, details on individual users, and management reports – all hosted on McAfee systems.

  • Install quickly and easily by sending a link to users at any location.

  • Get the latest technology with no equipment to purchase and no IT security specialists to hire.

Robust Protection, Uncompromised Integration
  • On duty around the clock to monitor threats, assess risks, and take any necessary action to keep you informed and protected.

  • Gives the comfort and confidence that comes from proven technology, plus 24/7 support and a network of trusted partners who offer value-added services to help customize security solution .

Built for Today – and Tomorrow
  • Investing in McAfee Total Protection doesn’t have to start from scratch when new, previously unknown, threats appear.

  • Built upon a platform that can evolve as the threat environment evolves.

  • Not only systems will be protected, but security investment will be, too.

Total Protection for Any Business
  • Offer several versions of McAfee Total Protection from the smallest business to the largest enterprise.

  • Each is an integrated and comprehensive solution with features tailored to meet specific security and business requirements.

Protect your desktop and file servers from malicious threats Download Brochure

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise proactively stops and removes threats, extends coverage for new security risks, and reduces the cost of managing outbreak responses. Even without an update, it stops zero-day threats and mitigates the window of vulnerability – the time between when vulnerability is discovered and when fixes are deployed.

Unbeatable Malware Detection and Cleaning

  • VirusScan Enterprise uses the award-winning McAfee scanning engine to detect and clean malware, and to protect files from viruses, worms, rootkits, Trojans, and other threats.

Proactive Protection from Attacks
  • VirusScan Enterprise is the industry’s first anti-malware software that offers intrusion prevention with application-specific buffer-overflow technology. It can protect users proactively against buffer-overflow exploits that target vulnerabilities in Microsoft® applications. Critical servers and data are kept intact and available for business.

Potentially Unwanted Programs
  • Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) include adware, spyware, and keyloggers. Can easily integrate McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprises as a plug-in to VirusScan Enterprise in addressing today’s complex virus and spyware threats.

Manage your Security
  • VirusScan Enterprise easily integrates with McAfee’s system security management console, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™).

Easily Manage Quarantined Files
  • Configure policies to manage quarantined items easily with the Quarantine Policy Manager. It creates a backup copy of the original file and registry value in the quarantine directory before an on-access or on-demand scan cleans or deletes a file. This improves remediation capabilities in case a file is accidentally marked as malicious and is quarantined.

Enhanced Email Scanning

  • VirusScan Enterprise includes the ability to scan Lotus Notes email on client systems. It also supports users with mixed environment, using both Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Automatic Updates
  • Virus security products are only as good as their most recent updates. With VirusScan Enterprise, automatic daily updates ensure that desktops and file servers are always up-to-date with the latest McAfee DAT files and engines.